Savage Shootout

A bloody shootout between two armed groups recorded in the community of Mezcala, on a Federal Highway, a few meters before reaching the bridge of the population, left four dead people.The bodies were found in two vehicles, one of which was completely burnt, like its two occupants.
In the Escape were found the two men riddled with so far unidentified bodies in the front seats. One wore green shirt, Polo type, jeans, white color and tines only a military type boot.
The other was robust, shirtless, beige jeans, white tennis rojiazules stripes, and white tines. Both had an age between 25 and 30.
In the car they found two completely charred bodies, one of them literally reduced to ashes, whose identities are unknown.
It added that in the scene were found dozens of shell casings from different caliber weapons.
The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities in this city, where they are waiting to be identified and claimed by relatives.

Meanwhile the authorities and raised the corresponding investigations to trace the perpetrators of this crime.


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