Prison Riot in Paraná ends with five dead

The riot at the prison in Cascavel, Brazil city of Paraná, ended at dawn today, with five dead, two of them beheaded, local authorities reported.

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The rebellion, which began at 6:30 am Sunday (10:30 in Lisbon), was closed by the inmates after 44 hours. Two guards were taken hostage and at least 25 prisoners were wounded in the penitentiary, which is in southern Brazil.
The 800 rebel prisoners, among the 1040 Penitentiary, demanded better conditions of food and hygiene and complained about the state of prison infrastructure and alleged abuses and violence by guards.

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Several mattresses were burned, and, according to the Brazilian press, posters with the initials CCP were shown, referring to the First Command of the Capital, criminal organization that operates inside and outside of prisons, born in São Paulo.
The mutiny was ended after the government of Paraná agrees to transfer 851 inmates to other prisons. The Public Defender of Paraná, quoted by the Folha de São Paulo reported that there are prisoners missing, but not yet known whether either fled or were killed during the rebellion.

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