Man Kills Friend with Extreme Brutallity

A barbaric crime happened Sunday afternoon in a rural community near Pedrão, on a side road, which belongs to the municipality of Caravels, on a farm. The victim was identified as Idário José Ferreira, 30 years old, who lived Natalina Muniz da Silva Street, in the city of Pedro Canary / ES.
According to witnesses nearby, the two men had been drinking at the local watering hole (Bar), one thing led to another, an argument insued, which led to a tragic outcome.


The accused identified himself to as Josimar Jesus Ribeiro, 26 years old, resident of St. Matthew. Josimar reported that the victim had come to work here in the region. Asked why he killed his colleague, he said he did not kill anyone. He also said that the victim was a drug user and that he owed ​​some dealers in Posto da Mata.
At the house where the victim and the accused were living, police did a search and found under the mattress of the accused, a pipe. A team from the SILC, led by Delegate Dr. Wendel Ferreira visited the site and made ​​the cadaverous survey. Experts DPT, Dr. Marco Antonio Lima and Pedro Paulo, attended to make the expertise of violent action (murder). According to the expert Mark Antony, was a crime with cruelty, being found near the body a sickle and machete.


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