The Islamic State Behead Corpses of Syrian Soldiers Killed During an Assault on Brigade 93

The Islamic State began evacuating vehicles and prisoners that it captured yesterday from Brigade 93 outside of Ein Essa in al-Raqqa.
The attack began yesterday with three suicide vehicles that detonated around the front gate and killed a reported 27 soldiers. The IS then shelled the base with artillery and Grad rockets before storming it. The entire battle lasted around 12 hours.
The base was the government’s last stronghold in north al-Raqqa and held between 400 and 700 soldiers, including Division 17 soldiers who had retreated there after their base was captured by the IS.
90 IS fighters were reported to have died in the battle, with 50 to 70 killed in the first hour or so when they stormed the base.
300 soldiers were reported killed and more 100 were captured, along with tanks, artillery, and ammo. Officers who were captured, including 2 Brigadier Generals, were executed, but so far there haven’t been reports of executions of the foot soldiers.

Photos of the base and dead soldiers

A video showing IS beheading dead soldiers:

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